A New Model for Measuring Health Programs in the Workforce
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A New Model for Measuring Health Programs in the Workforce

June 3, 2011
keysIncentive Logic continues to look more and more at not only participation but outcomes and driving engagement with the right incentive tools. And in the health and wellness space, it’s a hot, constantly evolving topic of discussion.


As new methods and models that focus on measuring a company’s employee health programs are introduced, the HERO Employee Health Management (EHM) Best Practices Scorecard is one that we’re particularly excited about.

We had the pleasure of talking with Jerry Noyce, CEO of HERO (Health Enhancement Research Organization) about the upcoming HERO Forum September 13-15 at Arizona Grand Hotel.
This year's theme is keys to engagement, each day focusing on a different aspect of engagement:

  • Day 1: Leadership engagement and support
  • Day 2: Outcomes-based incentives and research
  • Day 3: Communication and communication strategies
“We’ve found just through research that we’ve done and the results of our scorecards that these components are critical to having a successful program,” Noyce says. 

Incentive Logic will be attending the forum in September and we hope to see you there. Let us know if you plan on attending! Also on the horizon is the Wellness Council of Arizona’s annual meeting and awards luncheon at their Tucson property on Monday, September 12.

Stay tuned for updates and event details.


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