Driving Employee Engagement in the Workforce of Tomorrow

Driving Employee Engagement in the Workforce of Tomorrow

July 29, 2011

drivingemployeeIn today's fast-paced work environment, there's a significant gap between compliance and engagement. Whereas it used to be that management simply demanded compliance from employees and that was that, Millennial and Gen X employees are of a different breed, requiring different (and oftentimes more complex) motivators from upper management. Today's employees thrive in a workforce that offers constant feedback and recognition efforts, a trend influenced by evolving technology and the instant feedback it affords.


So what does this mean for employers?

Keeping and retaining valuable employees takes more than simply implementing archaic recognition techniques, such as Years of Service rewards. These simply aren't the motivators they used to be. Meaningful recognition efforts in the form of personal reward selection and constant coaching are the way of the future. Managers who provide their employees with such intrinsic motivators will be able to effectively drive long-term performance and achieve desired behaviors. Furthermore, rewards and recognition practices that align with corporate value, by default, empower employees to operate autonomously (exactly how they want to) and to naturally adopt a stronger sense of the corporate culture.

What's your company doing to engage and motivate employees? See how Incentive Logic can help move you in to the future.

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